9 Things to do in Chengdu to Make Your Trip Memorable


Chengdu, the exciting county capital of Sichuan, where metropolitan technology and age-old customs exist in a captivating mix. It is set away in the southwest of China, offers a mosaic of experiences that will leave you enchanted and wanting for more. Here you will explore nine top things to to in Chengdu that will leave you with amazing memories of your vacation


Adore the Magic of the Panda:


A visit to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Raising is a must on every trip to Chengdu. Get up close and personal with these cute animals as they graze on bamboo, playfully run around, and relax in their native environment. You will certainly feel better after seeing the pandas’ charm and dedication to conservation.

Explore the Cuisine of Sichuan:


Get ready for an amazing cuisine journey with your taste buds. Chengdu is well known for its delicious Sichuan food, which is distinguished by its intense spices, robust flavours, and freezing Sichuan peppers. Savour local favourites like mapo tofu, spicy hot pot, dan dan noodles, and dumplings made in the Sichuan style. Remember to try some of the well-known street food scenes for a real taste of the local cuisine.

Take A Walk Down Jinli Old Street:


Explore Jinli Ancient Street’s historic alleyways and take a step back in time. With its vibrant lanterns, busy businesses, and classic buildings, this bustling pedestrian take provides a window into Chengdu’s rich history. This is one of the interesting things to visit in Chengdu. Here you can discover handcrafted items, sample regional fare, and take in the lively atmosphere of Chengdu’s cultural centre.

Savour the Peace of Wuhou Shrine: 


Honour the poets and heroes of ancient times at the Wuhou Shrine, a peaceful haven surrounded by lavish vegetation. This ancient location, dedicated to the fabled strategist Zhuge Liang, emanates respect and peace. Admire the complex statues, serene gardens, and superb buildings while you consider Chengdu’s rich history.

Travel to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System as an escape:

Take a stunning tour to the ancient engineering marvel of Dujiangyan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed more than 2,000 years ago, this creative irrigation system keeps the rich plains of Sichuan alive to this day. Admire the creativity of ancient Chinese civilization as you stroll through the complex system of canals, bridges, and temples.

Visit Qingcheng Mountain to Heal Your Soul: 

Take comfort in the peaceful beauty of Qingcheng Mountain, one of the holiest Taoist locations in China. Ascend the mountainside to discover beautiful forests, flowing streams, and historic temples. Breathe the clean mountain air, practise meditation beside peaceful ponds. This is one of the best things to do in Chengdu that makes you lose yourself in this dreamy haven’s spiritual aura.

Get Time to Relax in People’s Park’s Calm Environment:

Get away from the bustle of the city and discover peace in People’s Park, an attractive oasis. Wander along charming streets, take in the blooming flowers and the tall bamboo forests while observing the people doing calligraphy, tai chi, and traditional tea rituals. Take in the calm atmosphere of this city retreat and enjoy a slow pace of life.

Discover Chengdu’s Exciting Nightlife: 

Chengdu comes to life as the sun sets, presenting an exciting nighttime environment that teems with excitement and energy. Discover the vibrant night markets, stylish lounges and popular bars that line the city’s streets. Savour exotic street food treats, engage in Sichuan-style drinks, and dance the night away to vibrating sounds. Discover the alluring mix of modernity and history that defines Chengdu’s attraction during the night.

Take in the Scenery of Sichuan Opera:

Enjoy a stunning performance of Sichuan Opera, a centuries-old ancient art form, to cap off your Chengdu exploration. Admire the elaborate attire, fascinating mask-changing methods, and impressive acrobatics that define this singular cultural display. Experience the enchanting sounds of the bamboo flute and the rhythmic crushing of cymbals while taking in the splendour of Sichuan’s thriving performing arts scene.

This place has a wide range of experiences that are sure to pique your interest and make an impression. Chengdu offers a trip full of amazement, adventure, and cultural immersion from petting pandas and enjoying fiery food to touring historic sites and soaking up the dynamic nightlife. 

So why wait? Plan your trip, book a cheap flight from Newark to Chengdu, set out on this remarkable journey, and allow Chengdu to surround you in its wonder.