Jumping into parenthood can be an exciting but overwhelming experience at the same time. All you wish for your little one is to have the best baby customized gifts without spending much. Singapore is a home to a range of baby gift stores to provide the finest items for them as soon as they arrive into the world. From softest blankets to adorable stuffed toys, you are guaranteed to get everything from these stores. So, whatever gift you have planned, you are sure to find it at these gift spots. You might also get free delivery with some of these stores so you get beautiful gifts in budget-friendly prices.

From finding gifts for celebrating baby shower to cheering the little one on their first day of school, these stores have got your back. With their adorable and practical gift items, you can easily make the occasion special for parents. So, if you’re a new mom with no clue of baby shopping, there are plenty of baby gift stores in Singapore where you can shop for unique and memorable gifts. Let’s get to know some of the amazing ones. 

Best Baby Gifts Stores in Singapore

The charm of being a mother is surely a sweet experience but shopping for the little one can be a daunting task. A thoughtful gift that is a blend of practicality and sentimentality makes an incredible present for any parent. Baby gift stores incorporate everything that parents require to take care of the newborn. Look at the below mentioned to instantly grab wonderful goodies for your wee one.

Lovingly Signed:

Are you looking to buy beautiful baby customized gifts for your baby’s milestone? Congrats, you have found the best store for it! Lovingly Signed has a beguiling collection of baby products that beats every other gift store. You’ll get amazed seeing their huge collection of gifts, specially designed for your little bundle of joy. Moreover, they allow you to add a personal touch to the gifts to create a beautiful keepsake to capture the essence of childhood days. From soft baby stuffed toys to comfy bodysuits to warm blankets, you’ll leave this store with countless products. So, hurry up and jump over to their website to make any occasion memorable.


Motherswork is the one-stop gift shop for every parent. This store perfectly builds a vast collection of strollers, carriers, baby blankets, and lots of others. Moreover, it offers adorable toys for the entertainment of the little ones as well. Their amusing items comprise a cute range of toys like soft plush bunnies and adventurous storybook. Also, the fun-filled arts and craft activities and other outdoor play accessories are curated to keep your baby engaged all day long. So, visit their website now and enjoy beautifully designed, themed and colored items for your baby. 

Little Baby:

Little Baby is an eminent online store in Singapore that covers a range of international brands for new moms and babies. Baby shopping can be a lot confusing for the first-time parents. Therefore, this store allows you to consult a nursery advisor so you can get honest advices to buy the best present for your wee one. The store provides products based on your budget. No matter what the price, their gifts are extraordinary. In this way, Little Baby provides lovely gift sets for any new baby so you can cheer up any parent and their young ones. 


Offer adorable baby accessories to your junior exclusively from Mellow. This store is a host to incredible bibs, swaddles, wet bags, dinnerware, toys and other captivating items that complete your baby’s nursery. Their collection includes products to cater to different stages of a baby’s life. Without a doubt, all their products are exceptional to help the new moms in this major journey of their lives. Explore the great collection of products at Mellow and grab something for the little one straight away.

First Few Years:

First Few Years handpicks baby products from major international brands in USA, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Here, you can find a huge variety of items that make new moms’ lives a lot easier. Get your hands-on the best quality strollers, cribs, organic clothes, and other baby accessories. Oh, and did we mention the store provides the best value of money? Shop from First Few Years today!


A baby’s life is filled with numerous milestones and events that deserve to be celebrated. At these occasions, your gifts must be unique and memorable to remain a nostalgic memory for the parents after years. We recommend buying beautiful baby customized gifts from Lovingly Signed. The good-quality products with personalized touch and excellent packaging brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Grab the exquisite baby gifts from Lovingly Signed now!